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For the purposes of this program, an intern is defined as a student working for the company in Connecticut with the objective of learning the business and gaining work experience. Interns should be actively enrolled at a higher education institution, as either an undergraduate or graduate student, and be eligible for full-time hire within two years of the conclusion of the internship. The company is responsible for ensuring the student is currently enrolled in the higher education institution and eligible to work in the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut has the talent and the opportunities—and CTNext can help companies and students bridge the funding gap with our internship grant program.

The Technology Talent Bridge (TTB) internship program is a grant opportunity for Connecticut small businesses to provide funding for the hire of student interns. The program aims to develop a talent “bridge” between the small business and the student, to ultimately create jobs. The program enhances industry and university collaboration and helps strengthen our workforce and retain talent in our state.

The program is designed to:

  • Stimulate job creation through innovation;
  • Provide stronger links between Connecticut companies and university students, reducing the likelihood that graduates will leave Connecticut, and
  • Facilitate post-graduation hiring of students by Connecticut companies.
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Participating businesses must be at least one year old and registered in Connecticut. Companies that receive the grant must be based in Connecticut and willing to maintain residence for the duration of the project contract.

Companies are required to comply with all applicable employment and other laws and regulations. Prior to the execution of a standard agreement, the company will be required to provide letters of good standing from the Connecticut Department of Labor, the Department of Revenue Services and the Secretary of State. Returning applicants must meet current eligibility and will be awarded a grant no sooner than 12 months from the date of the original contract.


Interested companies that already have a hire selected should submit an Application and Budget with the intern(s) identified. They will need to create an account to join CTNext to complete these forms. Companies will be notified by email regarding the decision to fund or not fund the project. Contracts are subject to available funds. The project will not be funded until an appropriate agreement between CTNext and the proposing company is in place.

If you are interested in applying for this program, but are having difficulty providing all requested information, meeting deadlines, or experiencing any other obstacles stemming from the COVID-19 crisis, please reach out to Julia Napolitano at We are happy to make allowances during this difficult time.

Companies are encouraged to have a hire selected prior to applying for a TTB grant. Companies that have not yet identified an intern will need to complete the Internship Job Description. These job descriptions will be posted at local colleges and universities on behalf of the business. Matches through this process are not guaranteed.

Any materials submitted in response to this solicitation will be considered non-proprietary, unless otherwise specified and mutually agreed.

To be considered for a TTB grant to help fund an internship beginning in the summer, applications must be submitted by the company prior to 11:59 p.m. on May 1. Applications received after the 11:59 p.m. deadline may not be considered for internships that start before July 1.

Companies with internships beginning during the academic year are welcome to apply at any time before their internship program begins. Companies should expect up to a four-week review period for their applications.

Students looking for an internship may upload their resume under the “For Interns” section of this website.


Grants will be up to $25,000 per project to compensate the intern and a 50 percent match is required by the company. For additional information on funding, click “View Guidelines.”

For Interns

Technology Talent Bridge (TTB) internships provide undergraduate and graduate students solid experience in their fields, requiring a minimum of 320 hours of part-time or full-time paid work. Students must be eligible to be hired as a full-time employee within two years of their internship, and they may attend school in or outside of Connecticut. TTB internships have included students studying engineering, lab sciences, computer science, marketing, advanced manufacturing and many other technology-focused areas.

Companies apply for the TTB internship grant with an intern already identified. If you know of a company that would be interested in using a TTB grant to help fund an internship, send them here to learn more and apply! If you are a student who would like CTNext to share your resume with companies looking for intern candidates, upload your resume using the button below.


For more information, contact:

Julia Napolitano