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What is the Governor’s Innovation Fellowship?

The GIF offers qualifying graduates a chance to build a strong foundation to their careers, and the opportunity to be one of the founding members of a professional community that will grow and contribute to shaping the direction of the state’s – and the nation’s – business future for generations.

What is the Criteria to be Eligible For the Program?

In order to be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Graduating senior of a Connecticut university or college (2020) or a graduate from a Connecticut high school class of 2016 attending college out-of-state 
  • Must accept an offer for a technology-related (or STEM-focused) position
  • Must be a position based in Connecticut
  • Must be a Connecticut resident by August 2020

When are applications due?

Applications are due by March 21, 2020. You do not have to have a position to apply for the program. We will be working after the deadline to award Fellows with positions.

If I’m a senior and already have a position lined up in Connecticut when I graduate (and I meet all other criteria), can I apply?

You certainly can. The Fellowship works two ways – you can apply if you already have a job in Connecticut and meet all other criteria; and you can apply if you don’t have a position yet but are currently looking for a technology-related position.

What types of positions are technology-related?

It’s a very broad category, quite intentionally. It can include data analytics, marketing technology, engineering, computer programming, software development positions, as examples. If the position is related or uses technology, we will consider it for the Fellowship. Preference will be given to STEM-related positions.

How many Fellows will you award in 2020?

We have the capacity to bring on as many as 20 Fellows.

When will we find out if we’ve been named a fellow?

Candidates are designated Fellows as soon as they accept and start a Fellowship position with a partner company in Connecticut, or they start in a position they have already accepted and get their personal credentials approved by the Review Committee. 

When will we receive grant monies?

Each fellow will receive $5,000 after 30 days of employment at the position. Payment will be in the form of a check and the grant money is taxable.

How do we know what types of positions are available?

Applicants who are not already placed in a position will receive application links to open positions and will have to go through the normal hiring process at each company. Those job postings will be available beginning in early March and throughout the months of April and May.

What is a partner company and who are the partner companies to date?

Our partner companies have a strong presence in Connecticut and are committed to growing the talent pool in Connecticut. They continue to be added weekly but here is a list to get us started: Henkel, Sema4, Pitney Bowes, Trebel, Curacity, Octagon, and ISG.

Are Master/Doctoral graduates eligible for the Fellowship?

No. Master’s and Doctoral graduates are not eligible for Fellowship at this time. 

Are international students eligible for the Fellowship?

Our agreement with our partner companies does not address visa sponsorship. Therefore, while international students are able to apply, we do not manage and cannot guarantee the availability of visa sponsorship.

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