Committee Members

Elena Cahill

Business Consultant

Elena Cahill is a commercial law attorney who transitioned from the daily practice of law in 2000 to a business consultant creating turnkey businesses. Ventures include Karma Tequila, Sunset Towers Spa and Salon, Educated Fitness, Educated Lifestyles and others. In 2009 Cahill founded Globele Energy, LLC, an energy consulting and auditing firm in the commercial and industrial space. In 2010 she started Aequitas Energy, Inc., an electric deregulated supply company that was subsequently acquired by Agera Energy in 2014. Cahill is the author of The Business of Energy, an energy resource guide for the Management of Commercial and Industrial Businesses.

Cahill is a faculty member at the University of Bridgeport Ernest C. Trefz School of Business. Her creative and business drive spilled over on campus, and in 2015 she created a Student Entrepreneur Center open to all students of the University of Bridgeport. The participation and growth of the center have surpassed all management expectations, requiring Cahill to solicit both mentors and additional financial support. Based on the support and excitement she has generated, a building is being retrofitted to become an Innovation and International Trade Center, which will be open to the student population and public with an expected opening date of January 2018.

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