Advanced Manufacturing

From entrepreneurs to global giants, Connecticut’s manufacturers continue to innovate – with lots of state help.

From young entrepreneurs with ingenious new applications for robot technology to some of the world’s largest manufacturers building the most complex machines on the planet, Connecticut provides an unequaled home to advanced manufacturing.

The state is home to 4,400+ manufacturers, including thousands of OEMs and supply chain/component companies. Connecticut is known worldwide for the skill and productivity of its workforce – a centuries-old tradition that remains undimmed in 2020. The state ranks 5th in workforce productivity, 3rd in the percentage of its workforce with advanced degrees, and 7th in workforce investment. As a result, we continue to be the base for massive aerospace and defense manufacturers like Pratt & Whitney and General Dynamics.

But the heart of Connecticut’s manufacturing industry is its core of small OEMs and supply chain/component manufacturers, constantly pursuing innovative ways to create more efficient and creative production methods, or new products to exploit expanding markets around the world.

Recognizing that maintaining that vital, innovative manufacturing core is essential to the state’s economic future, Connecticut has invested millions in helping new entrepreneurs invent, test and fund their ideas, and in providing support for smaller manufacturers seeking to develop and test prototypes and concepts.

For example, a network of academic research, consulting and testing resources – with the University of Connecticut at its center – now provides unprecedented access to manufacturing technology and expertise. UConn’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is preparing the next generation of inventors, helping undergraduates and post-graduates develop ideas for new products into viable businesses. Its Technology Transfer program, with significant funding from CTNext, assists faculty at UConn and other Connecticut institutions to develop business ideas from their research. And UConn’s Technology Park is home to the Innovation Partnership Building, a state-of-the-art facility providing Connecticut manufacturers, from the smallest family firm to global manufacturers, access to an unmatched source for intellectual energy and technological assets.

In East Hartford, the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) is home to the state’s Advanced Manufacturing Center, a facility specifically designed to help test and improve Connecticut businesses’ work with new and evolving technologies. CCAT’s center offers applied engineering and manufacturing research assistance, additive manufacturing testing and prototype development, materials testing, precision manufacturing testing and QI, tech workshops and more.

Connecticut leadership also recognizes the financial hurdles faced by growing manufacturers and offers several manufacturing lending and grant programs, including Manufacturing Innovation Fund, and STEP grants for export assistance. The state also offers a number of tax exemptions for manufacturers, including exemptions on equipment and machinery.

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