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Connecticut’s Universities and Colleges: The dynamic force driving innovation and new business growth

In downtown New Haven, a young company called Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, born from the research of Yale faculty, employs 500 people. Just down the street in Yale’s Science Park, 150 more work at Arvinas, another Yale offshoot from the university’s Office of Cooperative Research.

At the University of Connecticut’s Technology Incubation program, Ashley Kalinauskas, Connecticut’s 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year, is leading Torigen, another company born of faculty/student research, closer to development of breakthrough immunotherapies to fight cancer in humans and animals. Torigen has already completed its first Series A equity raise.

And across the state, every higher education institution is more involved every day in developing and retaining tech talent for Connecticut-based companies, and in preparing the next generation of tech entrepreneurs for the state’s growing innovation economy.

Connecticut has the 4th most innovative economy in the nation (Bloomberg 2019) and is 6th among states in the number of scientists and engineers it employs. That’s not per-capita; that’s in total. Neither of these rankings would have been possible without the aggressive initiatives being driven by Connecticut’s higher education institutions.

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