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The CTStartup podcast has a straightforward focus – it’s all about connecting people who are passionate about the growing Connecticut startup ecosystem. CTNext and Connecticut Innovations are pleased to have signed on as CTStartup’s new lead sponsors, because we, like the entrepreneurs who host and produce the program, are also passionate about the ecosystem, and about the people and companies it serves.

Below you’ll find links to CTStartup’s most recent episodes. For a complete listing going back to Episode 1, and to learn more about the people behind it, visit ctstartup.com.

Episode 118: Be Bolder with the Bolder Company 2/17/21

Dave Menard and Eric Francis sit down with the founders of The Bolder Company. Jenny Drescher and Ellen Ornato first came on CTStartup as Connect and Improv and return in their new form, as The Bolder Company. A fun conversation which highlighted how COVID-19 forced them to focus their energy into the business which they could have the most impact on. Great lessons for businesses in this episode in addition to the case being made that puppets are necessary addons to a zoom call. Check them out at theboldercompany.com.

Episode 117: The Full Potential Movement with Nick Wagner 2/9/21

Being an entrepreneur comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and Nick Wagner highlights how you can be an entrepreneur even with 9-5. Eric Francis sat down with Nick to explore his entrepreneurial journey from his first DJ contract with his high school to selling an aftermarket car parts business to starting a nonprofit. Through his non-profit C.I.T.E, Nick launched the Full Potential Movement to share career stories, ideas, and experiences to empower people to reach their full potential. This wide ranging conversation highlights how to cultivate and harness entrepreneurial skills in your career.

Episode 116: Evolution of an Entrepreneur & Company with Michael Cocuzza of Enviro Power 2/3/21

Eric Francis talks with Michael Cocuzza, Founder and CTO of EnviroPower, in his second appearance on the podcasts about discussing the evolution of his company and his own story as an entrepreneur. Over the past couple years, Michael has created a manufacturing company that will be releasing their SmartWatt boiler in 2021. The next generation in heating technology, the SmartWatt boiler produces high efficiency heat while generating cleaner and inexpensive electricity. The SmartWatt Boiler is designed to generate significant savings on operating-cost for homeowners, landlords and grid operators and reduce the carbon footprint for millions of buildings. Check them out at https://www.enviropowertec.com/

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