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-49 days left
bridgeport, CT
3DuxDesign building sets integrate math and engineering concepts with art and open-ended creative play. 3D printed connectors and geometric cardboard forms let children build anything they can imagine.

We engineered the connectors to fit most cardboard so children never run out of raw material to work with and learn about creative repurposing while they build. Open just shy of one year, 3Dux architecture sets have made their into thousands of homes and over 50 school and STEM programs. Next step is to add LED lighting and motors to our models to teach electricity and circuits

Our #BillionBoxProject goal is to save one billion boxes from landfill, one cardboard creation at a time.
  • Goal $8,000.00 //
  • Minimum Per Investor $10.00
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103 days left
Farmington, CT
We are looking to raise $50K to fund clinical trials of our device prototype, the YouCOMM Bed M8 (Pronounced "Mate"). These trials would be at 3 Connecticut institutions, a large scale hospital, a children's hospital and a rehabilitation facility. (IRB approval has been obtained or is in the final stages of approval for each of the above).

Three Sentence Description:
YouCOMM is a cost-effective solution addressing many well documented and largely unmet issues with current healthcare communication systems. With YouCOMM, patients can communicate in a hands-free manner, nurses will provide more efficient care due to need based prioritization, and administrators will see their HCAHPS scores rise and obtain favorable reimbursement rates. This proposal is a request for funding for a multicenter trial across three healthcare facilities in Connecticut with the goal of establishing the effectiveness and efficacy of our device.

Extended Background:
Within most hospital environments, communication is almost exclusively run by the utilization of some form of a call bell system. A survey of hospital nurses found that 53% felt the call bell system prevented or complicated critical aspects of their work, as nurses do not have a clear identification of what the need may be until they get to the patient’s room. Patients are also unsatisfied with current systems due to long wait times in getting their calls answered and having a lack of follow through with requests. Call bell systems are also particularly challenging to patients with motor impairments and those with multiple intravenous therapy (IVs) who may therefore be hindered by the ability to use such systems.

Our solution is a patient bedside communication tablet application that provides patients and nurses specificity. What really sets our system (YouCOMM) apart is that the application has the ability to be used hands-free through voice activation, opening access to those patients at the greatest risk, as the third most common use of a call bell system are from patients who have problems with IVs. Such patients are known to have hindered movements and this lack of communication ability poses high risks. By allowing this population segment to quickly send messages and receive help, safety will be improved as it has been shown that longer response times are directly correlated with the increased risk of patient falls and decreased satisfaction. By providing effective communication to a wider range of patients, health disparities will be reduced and more efficient care will ultimately be provided, yielding in better HCAPHS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System) at the respective facility.

The YouCOMM Bed M8 is additionally able to track valuable data on how it is used, including the specific needs indicated by patients and the corresponding staff member response times. If further provides live updates on patient satisfaction throughout each floor, department of facility on a daily basis. These capabilities are an important step towards enabling a technologically evolved “smart hospital”.
  • Goal $50,000.00 //
  • Minimum Per Investor $3.00
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26 days left
New Haven Community Solar, LLC
New Haven, CT
Buying stock in our company gives you an ownership stake in a community solar array with contracted cash flows for 20 years.

Put your money to work making the world a better place. This investment will influence positive change in the lives of low-income residents through reduced utility bills, produce environmental and social impacts, and demonstrate alternative investment pathways to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.

New Haven Community Solar will finance a 9.24 kW community solar project located on Button Street in New Haven, Connecticut. The lot on Button Street is the site of this year's annual Jim Vlock First Year Building Project – a partnership between the Yale School of Architecture (YSoA) and Columbus House. Columbus House is a nonprofit organization based in New Haven that serves people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing shelter and housing and by fostering their personal growth and independence. This project will provide Columbus House access to low-cost electricity to further their mission.
  • Goal $106,998.00 //
  • Minimum Per Investor $300.00
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133 days left
Decision Options, LLC
Groton, CT
Decision Options is a world leader in technologies for decision-making using data. Our AI platform incorporates leading techniques in machine and deep learning as well as econometrics and automation to rapidly create practical models for any industry and problem class.
  • Goal $1,000,000.00 //
  • Minimum Per Investor $10,000.00
Fund Project Website
147 days left
North Guilford Studios Inc
Wallingford, CT
NGS INC ORG is a club with the purpose of publishing street view orbs. We will use this money to promote publishing 360 degree panoramic orbs inside places, public or private and may pay our members for image rights to their publicly posted images.
  • Goal $250,000.00 //
  • Minimum Per Investor $5.00
Fund Project Website

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