What is CTNext?

To understand what CTNext is, you first need to understand the vital importance of two words – entrepreneurship and innovation.

Entrepreneurship is the desire and effort to launch a business, one that will eventually prosper and profit. Innovation is the process of making changes in something established by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. (These days we call that “disruption.”)

Innovative entrepreneurs are the newly minted blood cells of any economy. They bring new oxygen and energy. They replace stagnation with inspiration. Over the long-term, they help ensure continued growth and prosperity.

CTNext evolved from the desire to help innovative entrepreneurs succeed in Connecticut, in two ways:

  • By providing direct assistance in terms of capital, mentorship, networking, and skills development
  • By serving as a catalyst in the evolution of an “innovation ecosystem” – a community of entrepreneurs and a network of resources, programs, and institutions working together to help that community expand and succeed.

If you’re an entrepreneur, register as a member here. We can help you in so many ways.

CTNext has an array of programs and resources that can help you if you’re just beginning to transform your idea into reality, or if you’re ready to grow and need resources, or if you are positioned to scale your business to the next level and beyond.

You can learn about them on this website. If you have questions before you register, write us at info@ctnext.com. Or you can contact one of our program managers – their contact information is listed on every program page.

To learn more about us and Connecticut’s current innovation ecosystem, please see our online brochure.

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