Throwback Thursday

Talk about a pivot….
The Launch of Twitter (2006)

This week’s #TBT article is from 2006, which is the year that Twitter launched. For all of you 140-character-embracing-socializers, Twitter was created by Odeo, a startup that planned on focusing on podcasting, until Apple came out with their iTunes podcasting platform, rending Odeo’s platform obsolete.

So, they found a crackerjack employee, Jack Dorsey, to develop Twitter. As the story is told, it also appears that Noah Glass and Evan Williams, the founders of Odeo, had a hand in creating Twitter.

No matter who actually developed it, it seemed that few realized the potential early on. As the story goes, Odeo’s investors didn’t see the value in Twitter, so Williams did them a solid by buying back all their stock.

The story goes on and I have to say, it’s a real page-turner or screen-scroller. So, enjoy the first story on Twitter published by TechCrunch and the story as it has been told by those who knew the company when it first started.

Happy Throwback Thursday, CTNexters!


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