We’re CTNext, Connecticut’s innovation ecosystem. In other words, we equip startups and entrepreneurs with resources, guidance and networks to accelerate growth and success.
Created in 2011 as an initiative of Governor Malloy, we were formed to help Connecticut’s most promising startups succeed.
Think of us as a roadmap to help you find your way as you grow your business. We’re here to connect you to mentors, resources, advisors, and tools that will drive your business to the next level.
Whether you are looking to draft a business plan, launch a blog, or secure funding for a great idea, we encourage you to register and start taking advantage of our established network of experts.
Any Connecticut-based business can apply and enjoy the perks of being a member. Click below and learn more about the benefits to propel your business today!


Have you ever tried getting somewhere you haven't been without using a map or directions?
Sometimes you make your way to your destination with only a few wrong turns, but other times you lose your way entirely. CTNext is here not only to help you find your way to your destination, but also to help make sure it’s the smoothest ride possible. The road of entrepreneurship is never an easy one to take, but with a little help along the way, it might just make a difference in where you end up. Our statewide network connects promising companies to mentors, collaborative work spaces, universities, vendors, suppliers and other like-minded entrepreneurs to help facilitate the growth and scalability of their business.


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Let us help you drive your business to the next level. Gain access to tools, resources, mentors and more.


$25,000 accelerator funding pool available to participants at end of program reS[...]


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